A response to a ping.

I’m not sure what compelled me to make this the first game I post here but regardless of reasoning here it is. Pong in all of its two player glory. I made it during a day over 9000 years ago to test out some physics stuff. I think I may have at some point thought that I might include more functionality or at least more complex graphics but I never did. There is no single player mode and although it keeps track of the score no amount of points will ever cause it to declare anyone the winner. First player uses the W and S keys to move there paddle and the second player uses the up and down keys. It has simple white on black vector based graphics.

It was made with Box2d and DarkBasic Pro and as a result of the later of the two you need to have Direct 9.0c or higher installed for it to run. You will also need WinRAR or some other similar compression/decompression program to get the executable out of the rar file.