A history of Zombie games. Part one.


I’m easily impressed by quantity in games. Serious Sam for example has always seemed to me like more of an accomplishment than whatever more modern shooter is available. Unless you’re going to really do something serious like Deus Ex I would rather have hordes of easy to kill N64 looking baddies over a few one with nice bump maps. That’s why I love the idea of zombie games. It’s a justification to make a game that revolves almost exclusively around the concept of crowds. So I’ve made a few zombie games.

First up is one I made with DarkBasic Pro and was going to become a crimson land style shooter minus the power ups and with some added solid environmental objects (tombstones in the one test level and presumably buildings and walls in future ones). It was also the first time I used Box2D for a top down game (something I’ve become rather fond of doing and a lot of what was done making this went on to being a source of inspiration for that cubicle game from a previous post). Originally it was going to be a first person (or maybe over the shoulder third person. I don’t remember for sure.) but somehow transitioned into being top down. It’s not complete and you can’t get hurt or die but aside from your immortality essentially everything else is functional. I’m actually really happy with a lot of it. The feel of the aiming/camera controls seem less phenomenal then I remember but are still good and nothing beats running through a thick crowd of zombies (even if it would become a suicidal thing to do once injury and death where implemented). Plus it just looks really cool and cartoonishly colourful. There are some nice particle affects showing clouds of radioactive smoke rising from canisters. The character models are ugly but they look fine from a distance and there is something extremely awesome about watching the zombies rise out from there graves. Unfortunately it’s also a complete programming mess and the frame rate (at least on my far from cutting edge computer) well starting out fine turns to shit fairly quickly. It doesn’t help either that well you may not guess it by looking at them the polygon counts and texture resolutions for almost everything is much higher then it should be (a side effect from the initial plans to make it first person which would put everything into a closer view and demand a higher level of detail).