A history of Zombie games. Part three.


The vid shows versions 6 and 10. 6 was the last one before the jump to DarkGDK so it has some stuff that I never got around to re doing.

There’s a video game site called 1up which has a bunch of podcasts and one of them which I subscribe to is at1up. One of the episodes included one of the hosts giving a description of his ideal zombie game (third person team based game with a slow pace and a focus on resource management and constructing blockades and things to keep locations secure from endlessly spawning large numbers of slow moving zombies) and I thought they I would like to play that game so I went about making it.

I still intended to fully handle to programming side of things but rather then doing everything myself (like I did with the Ctrl+Alt+Del game which was another game that needed a lot of media which contributed a lot to me getting burnt out on the game and caused the progression of the programming side of things to suffer well I was still working on it) I figured I would get others to contribute art assets.

The people over at 1up where pretty cool about trying to draw attention to it (something I’m somewhat surprised they bothered with considering the quality of the crap I posted). It got quick mentions on several of the following episodes of the podcast and the forum thread was stickied at one point.

Unfortunately it didn’t help much and nobody really did contribute. There where a few offers but not many and of the people who made those offers a lot of them where for things that I really didn’t need help for or where up front about saying that they wouldn’t actually be able to do anything until some future point in time. Of the two or three people who where offering to make what I was requesting and seemed like they actually knew what they where doing (one of them posted some really quality character heads he had made for some previous zombie themed mod) after being told exactly what it was that I needed and what range I wanted to keep the polygon count in and that sort of thing and responding saying that they could do it they all disappeared and never actually produced anything.

So it’s stuck with the stuff I made which was always intended to just be placeholders. In terms of gameplay at this point it’s basically just a low quality incomplete regular shooter. You use WASD to move and the mouse to aim. You can zoom in and out and move from first to third person using the mouse wheel (a feature that I would really like more games to have). You can shoot with the left mouse button which draws attention to you. The zombie AI is at its best an incomplete imitation of how the also incomplete people from Escape from the cubicle behaved. There is some semi original stuff about how health and energy worked but I’m not going to get into that here you can go find info about it at the 1up forum thread for the game.

Around half way in I switched over from making the game in DarkbasicPro to using DarkGDK. Outside of the Wii homebrew stuff I had messed around with this was my first time really working in C++ but the transition wasn’t so bad and I have no regrets about doing it.

I remember having certain things done which don’t seem to be in the tenth version I have here so I know I must have worked on it for a little bit longer but not by much. After transitioning over to DarkGDK I started avoiding working on re implementing certain features knowing that I would need to rework a lot of what I did once I had the final models and animations and I also avoided doing new things because a lot of that was somewhat dependent on media that I didn’t have and I didn’t want to have to make more placeholder crap. So the game never really progressed any further. I think the main reason I stopped though was that I was just fuckin sick of working on the 3d mesh of the level I had been making.

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1UP Forum Thread.
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