Zombie R3


Occasionally I do actually do something productive and constructive rather then just posting things I made ages ago. Here is the third revision/release/version/whatever of my zombie game (the top down 2d one). It isn’t noticeable but I rewrote a lot of the game and what is noticeable is that I added in gunfire. You still cant kill zombies but if you shoot them they get pushed back. There are some problems with shooting right now. The bullet impacts the first shape it finds a collision with in the line of fire rather then the nearest point it finds a collision with (which in reality would really be the first thing it hits). The problems with this is somewhat lessened by another incomplete aspect of the shooting mechanic. Rather then shooting in the direction your aiming you shoot to the exact spot your aiming meaning that you wont hit anything standing beyond your reticule. I know a few games actually do that intentionally (I think Alien Shooter does it) but its not something I’m fond of so I will be fixing it.