Zombie R4


Here’s the fourth updated release of the zombie game. Well at this point it probable still shouldn’t be refereed to as a game. There’s no end point. No winning or losing or even progressing. The zombies are still unkillable. But I did make improvements over the last time I posted it. First of all I brought back everything that got cut out in the last one (humans are back as are the fading roofs over buildings). I fixed the problems I had mentioned with shooting. Both humans and zombies drop blood now when shot and you can kill humans now and turn them into zombies. There are new objects (cars and several variations of crates). There is now back ground music but its just a looping four second clip from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. I didn’t want to use DarkGDKs built in audio support (I had some problems with audio in DBPro which I’m assuming haven’t changed) and I want to minimize my dependency on DarkGDK anyways so I’m using OpenAl and I’m not setup to use MP3 or OGG files yet and WAV files are even more massive then I remember so anyways that is why its only a four second clip. I also made a bunch of little tweeks that probable aren’t noticeable. People (you, zombies, humans, everyone) are slightly bigger. Your a little bit more dense and zombies are a little bit less which makes somewhat easier to push through crowds of zombies but not by much.


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