Zombie R5


Fifth release now of the still untitled top down zombie game (seriously if you have any good ideas for a name I’m totally open to suggestions so leave a comment).

You can kill zombies now. A new zombie spawns in the distance whenever one dies so you can never really kill them all. You have a limited amount of bullets and cant shoot if ammo runs out though I set it to over 9000 for now so you likely wont notice that it isn’t unlimited anymore. There is a simple and meaningless score system (get 10 points for killing a zombie and lose 100 when you kill/turn a human. I fixed up the way people are pushed back by gun fire and that’s now also applied to objects like crates and cars. I setup the zombies to be moved closer when they get too far away (It won’t be a feature that you will be required to play with in the final game but instead an optional thing for one of the bonus free play kind of mode) which works well and without even increasing the zombie count at all this results in the streets being stupidly crowded. I didn’t even need to make the max distance for zombies too close (I don’t think its noticeable that its happening well playing the game). Your gun now continually fires when you hold down the mouse key rather then only firing when you first click it.

I think there where a few other things (mostly minor tweaks) but that’s pretty much everything thats changed.