My computer got infected with a virus and I ended up spending most of yesterday and today trying to clean up.

Don’t worry I know exactly when I got it (got it from a pirate copy of an mp3 to ogg converter app) and it was a few hours after I compiled and uploaded the last build of the zombie game. Everything on this site is still clean and safe.

It just sucks for me and means I’m not exactly productive right now. Normally anytime I have even the slightest trouble getting rid of any malware I just do a clean install of windows. A lot of the time it takes longer to fix things then it would to start fresh and for some inexplicable reason I just really love having new computer feel of a fresh OS install. Unfortunately its been a while since I did that and I’ve also been low on blank DVDs for a while so I’ve got a frack ton of data on my hard drive that I don’t want to lose. Even if it wouldn’t take awhile to backup the stuff I want on discs and copy it back over it wouldn’t really be a good idea. Virut patches itself into anything with an exe extension so I would just end up reinfecting myself.

Anyways I used a Dr Web Live CD (which took freaken ages to finish scanning and I ended up needing to leave running over night but was otherwise pure kick ass) which I think got rid of all the infected files. I’m running a scan now with AVG anti-virus which couldn’t properly/fully get rid of it but was able to detect it in a ton of places last time so I’m assuming if it comes up clean it means I am. My computer seems to have still been going slow since cleaning up with the Live CD but admittedly my computer sucks I’ve been continually installing things and running stuff this whole time so hopefully its not a bad sign. AVG isn’t done but hasn’t turned up anything (aside from some really non threatening firefox cookies) yet.

This is the kind of shit that makes me more seriously consider Linux.

EDIT: I fracking jinxed it. I’m still infected. The continually growing list of shit that doesn’t work: Symantec W32.Virut Removal Tool, AVG Anti Virus and Dr Web Cure it LiveCD.

EDIT (agin): Ok there might maybe sorta possible be hope. The thing is that after running the live CD rather then starting up windows like regular I went over to recovery mode and went with the whatever you call it option where it sorta restores the computer to its initial state but preserves all the current data in a subfolder. Figured it wouldn’t accomplish anything and if I was still infected it would probably spread to the new install but whatever. On the last scan (which just finished) AVG did turn up one instance of virut along with some other nasty stuff but aside from some unrelated unharmful things everything it found was somewhere in that backup folder (the virut infected file was some system file from the previous install of windows). I’m going to be cautiously optimistic that I’m clean now. I’m not going to upload any executables for at least a few days and I’m going to let AVG keep running daily scans and I’m going to try and purge as much stuff of my hard drive that I can live without and start moving things that I feel can be safely assumed are clean (like video files) onto discs. But I’m also going to get back to working on the game again and if I go a few days without scans turning up anything I’ll take it to mean nothing spread and I’m not infected anymore.

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