Reformat Reinstall

Frack it. My computer was still acting weird. Along with just generally being a little more sluggish then usual anything related to deletion wasn’t working right. It took around half an hour to delete anything and just as long to empty the recycling bin or at least it did when it worked though half the time it would freeze up part way through. I finished burning some stuff to discs (I’ve seriously got to get an external hard drive or something) and reinstalled windows (again… But this time completely with a reformatted partition and everything). I spent pretty much two days sitting at my computer and I’ve got nothing to show for it other then that I’m carrying a little less baggage now. But whatever. I lost some stuff in the process (something that got infected and had to be deleted and other things that I just didn’t bother backing up) but nothing of too much value. My computers working beautifully again. I finished installing all my favorite apps and changing all the settings and getting the Micro$oft updates and shit like that. I’m happy. I’ve also returned to my previous state of semi-productivity. You can destroy crates now in the zombie game. Just shoot em five times and they disappear. I’m going to work on adding in debry and maybe some particle effects or something. I’ll probable have something to share later today or tomorrow.