Zombie R6

Here is the sixth release of the STILL untitled top down zombie game.

Crates can be destroyed. The penalty for killing humans has been lowered from 100 points to 50. There is also a flame thrower (you have it right from the start and it has unlimited fuel). You press the right mouse key to use it and any zombies/people that come in contact with the flames catch fire and continually burn and lose health until they die.

I’m actually somewhat less happy with this then I was the previous version. Previously there was still just as much functionality missing (actually more obviously) but what was there was in my opinion of great quality. The new additions are kinda poorly done. The crates don’t really break they just disappear after a few shots which looks odd. The flame thrower has some graphical problems and even when its working as should the fire is really fugly. Functionally its only half working also. You can shoot it through walls for example. Most of all the frame rate has began really fall apart. When you torch a bunch of people and they all start dieing off at the same time things really stutter.

Oh well. I’m working on getting some new stuff working in the game and I think I’m going to sink some time into cleaning up and reworking what is there so far. Get it running smoothly again.

In the meantime somebody recommend some possible names for this game. I can’t think of anything I really like and I would rather have something less generic then “the zombie game” to refer to it as. Kill the brain eaters? The undead uprising? The crappy compilation of conflicts with crowds comprised of corpses?