Zombie R7


Here is another updated release. when you destroy a box pieces of it break off. There is still definitely work to be done for destructibility but its an improvement. I redid the graphics for the flame thrower and well it may not look especially fire like I think it generally looks better and definitely fits in much better with the overall art style of the game. I tried also replacing the graphic for dead zombies (the x looks like a plus sign half the time) by having them blank green inside and covering them with blood but they ended up looking too messy and somehow a lot more distracting. I found that having them fully filled in made them draw your attention more then the zombies that where still alive. The flamethrower (right mouse key) has also been changed a bit in terms of functionality. the flames move forward a little bit slower and don’t reach as far making it a lot less stupidly overpowered. In some ways its actually been made more effective though. Along with people/zombies slowly being hurt from being on fire they also get hurt from the initial hit of fire so if you continually blow fire onto them they will now die a lot faster then if you just hit them with a quick spray to set them ablaze and then step back and wait. The angle that both fire and bullets are shot at is slightly randomized now also. It doesn’t really match up with the size of the reticule but its fairly close and is the beginning of having weapon accuracy/inaccuracy effect gameplay. You can pause and un pause the game now (enter key). You can also run (shift key). running obviously increases your movement speed but it also drains your energy. Energy regenerates naturally over time but if you run well your out of it then instead of using up energy you hurt yourself and use up health.

I’ve been having some trouble getting a few libraries I want to use working (I am truly a noobish noob and I have no problems admitting it) which is why it took me a while to post this newer version and why it doesn’t really have much of what I wanted to include in it.


3 thoughts on “Zombie R7”

  1. pretty cool stuff.

    might be because i’m an idiot but it takes a second or two too long for me to register a zombie as dead; perhaps changing the color would be more effective in showing a zombie as being dead.

  2. I’m going to try changing the corpses to blue for the next release and see how that looks. If I ever get around to making the menu system you will also optionally be able to turn off corpses since they are just there for visual effect and don’t effect game play.

  3. Sweet Jesus this looks great. I was one of the guys on the 1up forums bumping the thread originally but then sort of got behind on checking the updates. I can’t believe how polished this looks. Keep up the amazing work.

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