Zombie music

I got back to working on the zombie game and I’ll probable have something up sometime soon. I’ve given up trying to get libvorbis/libogg to work and with it I’ve abandoned OpenAl and I’m going to just stick with DarkGDK’s built in audio support. There isn’t anything really wrong with it I just wanted to limit my dependence on DarkGDK. Anyways whether I’m using OGG files through OpenAl or MP3s through DirectSound what matters is whats getting played not the format. I’m guessing you probable aren’t super psyched about Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata let alone the four second clip (wav files are stupidly big) that has been looping in the game up until now so you should be happy to hear that the background music is one of the things that will be seeing a change in the next release.

RekcahDam (you can find some of his stuff over at MySpace and at 8BitCollective) has provided me with some nice original music to use for the game.

If you want to check out the non looping version of the song that is going to be used in the upcoming release of them game then hit up the following link.


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  1. That’s awesome that he helped you out with that music. I’ve played Wings of Apocalypse, a game he worked on, and it’s pretty interesting. It’s nice to see this kind of crossplay in the indie community.

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