Zombie R8


The Dead Do Not Die Gently is a truly fracking stupid title. But if you feel you can think of something better then post it here. No one word stuff though and no placing “the” at the beginning does not bump it up to being a two word title. That really only works well if your making something major and with proper funding. Ideally I would like to be able to refer to the game as something that people could actually be able to find on google. There is no way the first results for something like The Outbreak or Surrounded will ever lead to my humble little blog or any other place this may show up. Do a google search for The Dead Do Not Die Gently in quotation marks and (at the moment) there is not a single result which means that at some future point in time if someone where to go looking for the game by that phrase/title there likely to actually get results that are relevant to there search.

Anyways here is yet another updated version of the game. There is a settings menu that comes up before the game starts. It isn’t perfect but its definitely a good start. The in game text is also now shown the same as it is in the menu complete with smooth outlines and a light drop shadow. You can’t get much more generic then Courier New but I kinda like the look of it and it helps that its mono space. At the least it looks better then the text did previously. There is new music playing as mentioned in my last post. Corpses are blue rather then green now. It definitely helps to make it easier to differentiate them from still active zombies but they also seem to stand out more and personally I never really had much trouble telling whether a zombie was still moving or not. What do you think about the color swap? Your flamethrower has a limited amount of ammo now just like your gun. Have fun messing around with different numbers of zombies and max health and health regeneration and things like that. If you find a sweet spot where the right variables just make the game seem better to you then let me know about it.


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  1. So I finally got around to playing this and it’s pretty awesome. You have a great structure for the game here, now you just need to really expand and get some concrete objectives and levels. I’m looking forward to future updates.

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