Zombie R9

Its really kind of sad when I think about how long I’ve been working on the game. Even if you don’t count that a lot of it was recycled from stuff I worked on even longer ago (like most of the 2D artwork which was intended for a similar Wii home brew game) Its been roughly three months since I started. I haven’t really gotten much done of it and its not like its a very complex and impressive game.

But anyways its better then nothing and at the least I’ve made a frack ton of updates in the last few days. The flame thrower works on boxes and they catch fire just like people do. The menu system has been significantly improved. Still by no means perfected but a lot closer to what you would expect from a video game menu. You can break boxes open manually if your near them and facing them. You can make humans follow you and they make an effort to get behind you as apposed to just being near you (so they stay out of your line of fire). You can drive the cars. I tried setting up the camera to match the rotation of the car when driving (I hate having movement directions being relative to a character rather then the screen) but it just seemed oddly disorienting but I’ll probably stick that in later as an optional thing for anyone who wants it. Text also shows up informing you of a few other interactions that aren’t implemented yet. The text displaying frame rate can be turned on and off now and defaults as off. Health and energy regeneration is no longer a binary on off thing but rather the variables in the menu change how much they regenerate (it will work better once the menus have been fixed up to let you edit past the decimal point). There are progress bars on screen now that you your health and energy which makes it a lot easier to check then reading the text. Health is already really well communicated by the zoom of the camera and the red border on the screen but this definitely helps for energy. I’ve also made some other tweaks to make running more useful. The default run speed is higher, default max energy is higher, how much energy you lose from running is less and how much health you lose from running well out of energy is significantly less. There is also no a level editor. You cant save your creations and the user interface sucks but you can edit the map perfectly well and once you start the game it uses your edited version. You can also drop object in the editor and it records there position and rotation but the game doesn’t yet use that data when setting up the world. I’ll be shocked and amazed if I don’t see screen shots of genitalia or swear words drawn with cars by the end of the month. You get a game over screen just like the pause screen when you die. There have been other little tweaks but I think that’s everything that’s noticeable.


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  1. I definitly know what I would ideally want it to be like by the time I abandon it because I will abandon it. Anyone who says they have completed a game is full of shit. Games are never complete they just occasionally transition from different states of incompleteness and I’ll inevitably either get bored or die and this game will stop transitioning. I don’t know how much of the plan will be achieved by then though or what changes will occur to it along the way. I have no problem with change if something occurs to me that seems cool. The cars for example where not originally going to be functional but I was working in object interactions the other day and just felt like slapping on some “Press E to drive” text and then proceeded from there to write what was needed to make it happen.

    But anyways basically the plan is to have it do everything it does now only correctly and do a few other things. There will be maybe 5 or 10 pre made levels whith some basic non intrusive plot going through them. Each level will be playable in several different modes with different goals for each mode along with the ability to create your own mode with your own settings. Online functionality including the ability to share custome made levels and mode settings and possibly have co-op and competitive multiplayer and one main persistent online level along with the usual online stuff like profile pages a ranking and the ability to send messages to other users. Fix up the menus and the level editor. Get it to use all that data from the level editor properly and save that data externally along with system settings and other options. Fix problems with the cars. Improve the frame rate. Maybe work in destructibility for building walls and other structural objects that are part of the basic tile grid. Add a few more objects and extra tiles to give people more options when using the level editor.

  2. Is it just me or do I type a lot? It didn’t feel to me like I said much just now but looking at that comment post it seems rather long. Forget comments I’m sure I’ve seen lots of people do entire blogs that where shorter then that.

  3. Oh yeah and there will be an inventory system and a experience/level/perk system all of which will cary over from each of the pre made levels to the others. If you want to farm exp or ammo or something from replaying a level you will be able to do so though you wont be able to well playing custom levels or in a custom mode.

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