They Do Not Die / Zombie R10


Here is the tenth release of the top down zombie shooter I’ve been working on. The titles been changed / shortened to “They do not die” which I’m fairly content with so that’s likely what I’ll always be referring to it from here on out.

The level editor has been significantly improved. You can replace tiles and drop objects into the world like before but its been majorly fixed up. The game now properly uses that data as it should and best of all your custom made map and the placement of objects in it is now automatically saved when you return to the main menu. I’m also pretty happy with the editor’s new GUI. Its not amazing but it isn’t completely fugly either and its easy to use and even at 640×480 it doesn’t fill too much of the screen. Your visual settings (screen resolution and that type of thing) are also now saved externally so you wont need to reset them every time you start the game. The boxes that are marked as being explosive now actually are. There where a few other changes but really I think the editor was the only major thing.

If you make a good map in the editor then post the map.dat and objects.dat files here (you can find them in the savefiles folder so just upload them to rapidshare or someplace and leave the download address in the comments) and if I like it then it might show up as one of the levels in the final game.


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