The World Drowns

Went back and did a bit more for that action RPG Zelda style game I started a little while ago. Still not really anything that should probably be considered a game at this point but its getting better. Visually its been fairly majorly overhauled. It looks somewhat like it jumped out of Super Mario Galaxy now. It also played in full screen but whats especially nice is that it doesn’t use a preset resolution and instead checks what your current desktop resolution is and goes with that. All of your character’s animations have been redone though they mostly look roughly the same as before. You can attack (or at least play the attacking animation) even well also running and/or walking now. There are now multiple monsters (all of the same kind) and they are now treated as solid objects. Tons of other little tweaks where made.


3 thoughts on “The World Drowns”

  1. That game’s epic dude. Really good looking.
    Must admit I had an awful lot of fun with the first version, jumping for miles is awesome

    1. I know right! I just made the jumping range stupid high to test something but its kinda nonsensically fun just running around and making those huge jumps. Anyways its cool to hear that someone actually played it. Thanks!

  2. Yeah man it’s crazy fun. could be some kind of jumping on platforms game.
    Probably loads of people have played it but just don’t comment

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