They Do Not Die R11

Eleventh release. Not a massive update. Fixed a few problems with cars (most noticeably getting out of them now works correctly and doesn’t leave you trapped in the hollow space inside them). your custom made map is now saved as one unified file. If you want to keep using one you made with the previous editor then just open up the map file and the object file in notepad and copy paste the info about object placement into the primary map file at the end. You can properly place zombies with the level editor now. Just like with the boxes and cars the zombie count in the menu is how many will be randomly spawned in addition to the ones placed in the level editor so even if you set the zombie count to zero the zombies you place will still show up. Once there spawned when the game starts all zombies are treated the same though so if you have zombie repositioning switched on (as it is by default) any zombies you place in the map that are too far away from your character will get zapped closer by. You can pickup the broken shards of wood left from boxes. Still cant use them for anything yet though. There are sound effects but I’m not really happy with them. You can lower the music and/or sound effect volume from the menu and it will actually have an effect now. Fixed up a few other things relating to the menus and added a few new options. Started working in the in game pause/death menu. That is essentially everything. Mostly just minor stuff.


4 thoughts on “They Do Not Die R11”

  1. Im using ffdshow-rev3089_20090926 and every time i hit with primary gun, new icon with ffdshow apears in right start line. This getting mass lag.

    The second thing use of mouse in mainmenu.

    The next good thing would be zombies variaty, cfg files for them, speed, health etc, making custom zombes, like zombie 1 zombie 2….

    More guns, pickable, with gun sprites. Also with editible stats.

    Maybe png could be change to animated gif?

  2. What are the controls?

    Make some kind of spot to put civilians for rescue. and make it so you can shoot out of your car.

  3. One thing can i join the creation? (u can see my email,respond)
    Can’t w8 for R12.
    The next thing u need is more objectives. Start point is ok. Reach point. Adding ai of humans. That they could use weopons. Even make team, like in l4d.
    The good example for ucan be counterstrike2d.
    Also add more humans like h1. h2.
    Split weopons slot 1. 2. 3
    As for moding cs2d material fits fine for this game. Just increasing pixel size.
    Make puzles, as the engine has physics, use em.

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