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This was getting kinda long for a comment (seriously is it just me or do I type a lot? I don’t know how it is that people manage to communicate anything in a few sentences. Even when I’m trying to keep things short it always turns into a wall of text for me.) and there are probable people who have the same questions that don’t bother to read the comments so I figured I would do this as a separate blog post.

Zombie Player said: Im using ffdshow-rev3089_20090926 and every time i hit with primary gun, new icon with ffdshow apears in right start line. This getting mass lag.

The second thing use of mouse in mainmenu.

The next good thing would be zombies variaty, cfg files for them, speed, health etc, making custom zombes, like zombie 1 zombie 2….

More guns, pickable, with gun sprites. Also with editible stats.

Maybe png could be change to animated gif?

I’ve got ffdshow and the same problem also. I think I can fix it. At the least I can change it so changing the sound effect volume to zero will actually switch off sound effects rather then just muting them so that will keep ffdshow from poping up every time you do something that would have otherwise triggered a sound.

Just bumped mouse controls for the menus up my list of things to do. I’m not sure what the best way to have the editable menus (like the options screens) work with a mouse would be though. A drop down menu wouldn’t really work very well since most of the variables could be increased to infinity. I guess I could add click able increase/decrease buttons.

I was thinking of adding a second zombie type and moving some more of the zombie stats (like move speed and starting health and how much damage they do) over to the options menu so people could edit them but now I’m thinking I might also move all of the game play options over to the level editor and save that data with the maps so you can create maps knowing how people will be playing them by default. Anyways yeah there will definitely be multiple zombie types.

Zombie Player said: I also suggest multiple map (like going from ground floor to first).

It would be nice but I think the lack of path finding for the zombies could make it problematic. You would probable end up being completely safe as soon as you get up off the ground floor. making them target the nearest stares rather then you whenever your above or bellow might help a little and shouldn’t make the frame rate take a noticeable hit (the problem is when there are hundreds of something you cant really make them do anything too complicated) but I’m just worried I’ll sink way too much time into getting multiple floors into the game and the zombies wont be smart enough to ever follow you. Anyways its a cool feature and something I would like but its not a major priority so don’t get your hopes up for seeing it any time soon.

Anonymous said: What are the controls?

Make some kind of spot to put civilians for rescue. and make it so you can shoot out of your car.

Controls are WASD for character movement with mouse aim. Left mouse key shoots your gun and right mouse key to use your flamethrower. There are certain interactions that you can make with the E key and text is displayed at the center of the screen when one of those interactions are available. Driving the car also uses WASD but A and D turn the car rather then moving it and the direction of movement is relative to the car and not necessarily the camera. When using the menus you can use W and S or Up and Down to scroll through options and A and D or the Left and Right keys to raise and lower editable variables. hitting enter in the menus always means accept and if your at a sub menu (visual options or level editor or something) already then enter will save your changes and return you to the previous menu. In the level editor you use WASD to move the camera and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. You click on the thumbnail of the tile or object you want to be using and then click on the map where you want it to be placed. When placing objects you can drag the mouse well still holding down the button and the object will be rotated based on where the mouse is in relation to the object. When placing tiles you can hold down the button and drag the mouse to paint over multiple tiles.

A safe zone to drop of civilians at is definitely planned and should make it in soon. I dunno why I keep putting off making it.

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  1. Alright, sounds good. Once you implement ammo pickups and a rescue center then I can definately imagine myself giving this some serious playtime. Also, later on consider making it a flash game or psp cfw game or something. 🙂

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