TheyDoNotDie R12


I know it took longer then it should have but here it is. Release number 12 of They Do Not Die.

The game can now use multiple levels and there are level selection screens to facilitate that before you start up the game or the level editor. The “create new level” option at the selection screen before the editor doesnt work yet but just dropping a blank file into the savefilesmaps with a .dat extension should work fine or you can just copy and past one of the preexisting levels and rename the duplicate whatever you want your new level to be called.

The level editor itself has also been improved a bit. Its now a bit more visually representative of how things will look in game, the name of the level your editing is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you can place safe zones (they have no effect right now in game but they will show up), you place solid walls (there treated the same as building walls but they aren’t stuck to the grid and can be placed at any location and any rotation like any other object can) and can now place multiple kinds of zombies (at the moment they aren’t customizable and all behave the same as generic zombies with even the size difference only being superficial at the moment), and there are now buttons to reset all of the tiles to grass and remove all of the objects (visually the objects don’t get removed when you do it though so for now you will need to return to the main menu and then reload that level in the editor to see the difference).

As for the actual game itself along with the stuff previously mentioned (multiple levels, new walls, non effective safe zones, etc) you can now shoot from inside a car and there is a score multiplier that goes up whenever a zombie dies but gets reset whenever your hurt or a human dies. the in game pause menu is now somewhat functional. You can use it to return to the main menu to use the level editor and change settings but there are problems with starting a second game because not everything gets properly reset so there are invisible walls and zombies and things left over from the previous game so right now your still best off just exiting the program and restarting it.

I also added a few new characters to the sprite based text and fixed some problems with the sound effects. I think that’s pretty much everything.


12 thoughts on “TheyDoNotDie R12”

  1. Make diferent zombies with diferent sprites. Do notuse same sprite for diferent zombies.

    Split guns, make each gun pickable and modable. Also add sources for creating more guns.

    also as said ammo pickup, health pickup and so on

    Dam create R13 faster and respond to my mail

  2. Also add starting and ending points.(destination)
    Rescue zones for humans.
    remove bug in which zombies spawn in undentified zone. Make zombie spawn avaible zones (teritory).

    Please respond commnets quicker. at least once a day.

  3. Sorry its taken a while for R13. I actually haven’t worked on this game at all since I posted this last release of it. I intend to implement all of the features you mentioned here though.

  4. Hey man , I really like this game. Its got some extreme potential. I hope you don’t mind , but i made up some of my own sprites and guns for the game. I made custom zombie sprites and human sprites , and i added bullets to the shooting. If you wanna see them i would be much obliged to show them.

  5. @Zombie Player – Give the guy a break. He’s got other things to work on other than this. I’m sure this isn’t his top priority now but he will eventually get round to it, just stop spamming him and give him time.

    Suggestions: Win and lose system (Win by getting to safe zone/rescuing certain amount of survivors and lose by dieing/all survivors dead maybe? Just a thought) Ammunition pick ups, health pick ups not really needed due to health regen. Uhh…I think thats pretty much it. The game would be perfect then. Brilliant job making this and your other games. Keep up the good work 😉

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