TimeFrack: Now with slow motion

The game now has slow motion.

There is another bar on top of the timeline one that you can dial up and down using the mouse wheel to increase and decrease the speed of the game. All the way to the right means your playing forward at full real time speed, dead center means the games paused (there is a line down the middle to make it clear where that is), all the way to the left means your moving backwards in time at the same speed and anything between will make the game go at the appropriate speed (75% of the way down the line will for example leave the game moving forward at half speed).

Just like with rewinding there are some small and likely unoticeable things that arent yet being properly handled when messing with time but its pretty much fully functional and should take me to long to deal with the last few loose ends.

I increased the cap on the time line by 50 so you can play non stop for roughly 28 minutes and rewind all the way back. I also fixed up the transparency of the impact effect that shows up when a blast hits a wall which previously didn’t work correctly during a rewind. I also made some little changes and tweaks to gravity and shooting and a few other little things and added a cross-hair and reworked the camera a bit.