Booyah, hooray and other exclamations of joy

I got uncharted 2. I also picked up Battlefield Bad Company and pre ordered Modern Warfare 2. I’m not really super hyped for Modern Warfare 2 and aside from the demo which I played ages ago I haven’t even played Bad Company yet but I was trading in a few things and had left over store credit to blow and Bad Company’s gotten cheap with age and they had a deal for trading for some unreleased stuff so I got Modern Warfare 2 for what have only been like $30 in store credit. Anyways I’m sure there both good. I really liked the vibe that Bad Company gave off in the demo and adds and World at War (and especially its online play and perks system) where great on Wii and its PS3 demo was good to and people seem to unanimously consider the Treyarch Call of Duty games inferior. But whats important is that I got uncharted 2 and the intensity of its awesomeness cannot be denied or ignored.

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