TimeFrack: Now with fast forward and fast rewind

I got around to doing a bit more and you can now rewind at double speed or even make time move forward at double speed. Really any time speed works now but just for the sake of making it displayable on a progress bar or whatever you call it I capped it at -2 and +2. The game was already setup in a way that I could have made it rewind at any given speed already but it took a little more work getting time to move forward at a speed faster then regular real time well still having what happens during that time rewindable at any speed. It actually didn’t take any time at all to figure out how to do it but I got stuck on a small detail when implementing it which I’m still not sure why it was a problem. Anyways it works now.

I also made a bunch of other improvements though I don’t completely remember for sure what I did before and after the last time I posted so I might be forgetting things or mentioning stuff that was already in the game. Whats probably most noticeable is that slow rewinding is smoothed out and it doesn’t look like your watching a slide show anymore. I reworked the camera (again) so when in first person you can see your body/feet like you could at first and the third person camera is over the shoulder now so your character doesn’t block your view of your aim. The transition from first to third works a bit better also. I had to rework how the direction of your blasts where decided to make it functional with the over the shoulder camera which in turn improved first person aiming a bit (you might have noticed before that along with the intentional inaccuracy your shots also always hit lower then they should have). The time line is now a complete 30 minutes. Run speed is a bit faster. I think everything else was mostly just little tweaks.