Video game port job

I’ve been meaning to get back into Wii homebrew so I’ve decided to port Pineapple Apocalypse to Wii. This time around I’m abandoning libwiisprite (which is what I had used for all my previous Wii homebrew games) and instead I’m going to be using SDL. I’ve already started messing around with it a little bit and I’m at the point where I dont really expect to hit any rode blocks so rewriting the game to run on Wii shouldn’t be too time consuming. Even aside from just getting more experience in Wii homebrew I’m kinda psyched about having a justification to work with SDL which will make it possible to more directly port things from platform to platform rather then in the case of this game which is essentially being remade because of its dependence on DarkGDK/DirectX which will never work on Wii. If I’m happy with it I’m considering going with SDL/OpenGL for all my future PC projects which will make Linux and Mac versions possible. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do once I have Pineapple Apocalypse running on Wii. I might improve upon it (admittedly it really is far from being a complete RPG) or bring it over to GP2X (I have an old GP2X F100 which I’ve always wanted to try programing something for but just never did) or mess around on Wii some more or maybe just return to PC stuff as usual and work some more on They Do Not Die which I’ve been neglecting for way to long.