Platinum and the game that- SHUT THE FRACK UP ALREADY! Oh you mean the hype train is done already? Well continue not talking about it then.

I got Platinum in Uncharted 2 a little bit ago (yay). I love that game so hard. I also got around to playing and completing Modern Warfare 2. I feel no loving connection to that other game though and in fact I feel unquenchable and admittedly exaggerated hatred towards those who do. You Call of Duty people annoy me.

Modern Warfare 2 isn’t the second coming of jebus or the flying spaghetti monster and the perpetual hype is excessive and annoying. Personally I prefer Uncharted 2 over it and especially in terms of its multiplayer. I dont really get the appeal of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. It just seems dull and generic to me like a remake of Combat Arms with a $60 price tag. The campaign is is a short 4 hours and its plot is in my opinion disjointed and poorly designed complete with nonsensical or completely unbelievable occurrences along with a frack ton of repetition. The airport massacre didn’t offend but I did rage from the implausibility of it, what caused and lead up to it and the events that followed it. Its like an even stupider version of every stupid over budget action film you have ever seen and it doesn’t seem to realize it. Its completely un self aware. It thinks its serious. Well not completely serious. Some of the peripheral stuff like naming of trophies and multiplayer logos and things like that try to be funny at times. Unfortunately it seems to be the comedic styling of that kinda slow 14 year old you sorta knew in school who just found out about pot and porn. Sadly I think that comedy styling seems to jibe really well with the games hardcore fanbase…

The thing it though that well its not on nowhere near as high up the awesomeness scale as David Lapham’s completely unrelated comic book series Young Liars or even in my opinion as high up as the comparatively highly related Uncharted 2 it is still a really good game in a “OMG so much cool shit just happened and I had a total nerdgasm during that last button mashing cutscene and you should/need/MUST rent it but maybe not so much buy it” kinda way. That dull multiplayer seems to be really well liked by people who aren’t me and that short single player campaign has a reason for being so stupid. For realzies. At first I was like “campaign mode, why are you so stupid?” and it was like “I fried my brain with my awesomeness” and then later I was like “it may have indeed been a worthy exchange of brains for awesome, my poorly conceived friend”. The rage inducing plot justifies so many moments that are so very cool and its all made even more epic and moving by the move style unmemorable but at the moment completely amazing soundtrack.

But the coolness of that is very much countered by how at some point between the mistreatment of PC gamers and the adds encouraging homophobic speech by gamers and all the other duchbagery surrounding and contained within this game it occurred to me that Infinity Ward is plausible comprised solely of or more probably consists of a few complete metaphorical assholes.

So whatever. Rent it, Pirate it, borrow it or maybe just maybe buy it but whatever you do can we all agree to shut up about it now? I suppose I’m a little late to the party on this now that the hype actually has died down since the release but even so I feel the need to say that anyone who types or speaks about it beyond this point will be attacked by a velociraptor like a bad programmer who used a goto command.

4 thoughts on “Platinum and the game that- SHUT THE FRACK UP ALREADY! Oh you mean the hype train is done already? Well continue not talking about it then.”

  1. You only had to pay $60 for that piece of crap, you lucky son of a bitch, I wasted $110 and 6 hours of my life playing that stupid game, it’s nice to find someone who agrees with me

    1. Its always nice to meet a fellow Call of Duty decenter. You have my condolences for your lost time and money.

      I also want to apologize for how poorly written everything in that post was. I just re read the blog post now and was horrified by how many broken sentences and clearly and completely incorrectly typed words could be found in it. I really should proof read my rage before hitting the publish button.

      1. Oh no, I like the miss typed words and broken sentences, it expresses rage in a humerus way, like a dyslexic kid pretending to be an admin, trying to tell people off for swearing on a server, “so you went to unvireity? for 5 yaers? just so you could watch people play games all day, and yet you can’t spell administrator? ho, yeah and care, is spelt with the letter C not with the letter K, idiot.”, honestly, there should be a law against 13 year old’s playing these kind’s of game’s before there balls drop.

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