Homebrew gone stale

There is a thread over at WiiBrew’s forum asking if the once news worthy flood of interesting Wii homebrew has dried up. I’ve got to agree with the OP (robmcp1888). I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve haven’t been paying much attention to the Wii homebrew scene for a while until recently and during the gap of time not much has really happened. Well there is still new homebrew and updates to pre existing stuff getting released fairly frequently there isnt really anything worth paying much attention to. The thing is that pretty much everything has been done already.

Regardless of how some of you uptight copyright defenders might feel about it the main focus for most people for opening up closed platforms like Wii is to enable piracy and that has already been done. You can play copies of Game Cube or Wii disc based games or even install pirated channels. You can even play once disc based games off of USB external hard drives. There is nothing interesting left to be accomplished for that type of thing.

All of the usual stuff has already been ported. There is a kind of unofficial but well established list of games that ALWAYS get ported to any platform that homebrew is possible on. Stuff like Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake and SuperTux. You can play them on anything from a GP2X or Dingoo to just about any kind of cellphone and you can already play them on Wii.

There is already an emulator for just about every console and the few that dont have emulators are ones that there will likely never will be usable ones for on Wii (for example sure nobody has made a PS2 emulator but its unrealistic to think that there will ever be one let alone one that runs at more then 1 frame per hour or any other tolerable rate).

I think the last frontier is original 3D games. For the most part there STILL hasn’t been anybody who has really done 3D yet. There are a few things like ProjectGMC but as visually amazing as it is its not really doing anything that couldn’t have been done with sprite based 2 graphics and it isn’t really doing anything with the Wii remote either. I’m surprised that there still hasn’t been a good (scratch that it doesn’t even need to be good) original homebrew FPS or 3d platformer for Wii.

Not that I’m any exception to the rule. I’m at least at the moment working strictly in 2D making low quality games that I’m sure nobody cares about. But in the off chance that you do happen to care then you might be happy to hear that I’ll probable have a really early version of a DDR clone up sometime tomorrow. Hopefully it will help to compensate for Wii’s sad lack of a StepMania port.


2 thoughts on “Homebrew gone stale”

  1. Thanks for your work on the Wii, it’s a fun system and has lots of good parts, I spent a while playing your RPG 😉 game, and hope it catches your fancy and you make it a zork clone or add some adams like text/fun. What ever you do thanks, it is making the wii fun.

  2. Its awesome to hear that you played my game 🙂 I’m definitely going to be continuing to work on Wii homebrew and continue putting stuff out as regularly as possible and well there are other things I would like to work on first I would love to get back to working on Pineapple Apocalypse RPG or a sequel to it or something vaguely like it. I’ve never played Zork but I’ve actually been toying with the idea of making a kind of chatterbox program / text adventure.

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