Maze Generator


Use your wiimote dpad to navigate the blue block through randomly generated mazes and try to find your way to the other blue block.

That is pretty much all there is to it. You can optionally watch the maze being created (just hit 1 or 2 at the menu screen and it will slow down the process and render it on screen as its doing it) or you can just get started right away (hit a and it will only take a sec to make the maze and wont present you with it until its done).

I had just read an article about automated Depth-First Search maze creation and thought it seemed interesting so I went about writing up the random maze generator based on it. Everything outside of the random level generator (the graphics, the controls, the actual game play and goal) where all an afterthought made to justify to myself why I had made this. As a result its not really that great of a game. The mazes are really easy to figure out and tend to not really give you enough opportunities to make mistakes. The controls kinda suck just because of how fast you move and how small you and the path ways are on screen.

I’m happy with it though. It didn’t take too long to make and most of the time was actually spent on somewhat unrelated things that will probably come in handy for future homebrew games. I can definitely see myself adapting the maze generator a bit and using it in future games (I just love the idea of randomly/procedurally generated game environments). I really like the look of it. I really like how the title screen and in game background turned out looking and I love how the crisp and simple black maze walls look on it. I think the two blue blocks ruin the aesthetic a bit but it was necessary for the sake of gameplay that they be the way they are.

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2 thoughts on “Maze Generator”

  1. Hi! You’re absolutely right. Most of what’s usually ported to every platform is done, but some projects like quake2 and duke3d, were started but never finished.

    I love that someone keeps the HB updates coming. Wish I could contribute too, but all I’ve managed to do was make a small app with some text and a image, exiting when A button was pushed:P

    Also, none of those projects@google code where someone wanted to make a dash replacement/wii-os are coming along.

    A usable mp3/wma-player, with playlist support, and browsing while playing music is not done either.
    The playback in those gets choppy while browsing the directory-tree.

  2. The Duke Nukem 3D port isn’t finished yet? Seriously? Thats crazy. I think I might look into that. I don’t think I’m really knowledgeably enough to port over anything that I haven’t made myself but if its already mostly done and just the victim of the person doing it losing interest I might be able to figure out how to work in whatever finishing touches it needs.

    If you can display a pre made image on screen and check whether any form of input has occurred (like a pressed A button) then your already 50% of the way towards having a simple game done. If you can reposition that image based on different input (just change that A to an UP DOWN LEFT or RIGHT) then your pretty much 90% there 🙂

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