Wii in game dashboard

EDIT: I’m assuming you don’t really want to read this wall of text so just skip it and tell me what kind of features you want in a Wii home menu.

So in the off chance you you played (or even just watched the vids of) both Dance Clone and Maze Generator you might have noticed that they have very similar home menus (the menu that comes up when you hit the home button). That’s because they essentially are the same menu.

Maze Generator used a recycled/reworked/improved copy of the same menu I made for Dance Clone. I didn’t just copy and paste it though I also seriously fixed it up. The button sprites are somewhat un noticeably but slightly different, The menu transitions and slides on and off screen rather then abruptly appearing and disappearing when you hit the button and if its transitioning off you can interrupt it and make it start sliding back to on and vice versa rather then needing to wait before you can hit the button again. That’s basically the idea for what I’m going to be doing for the home menu in all my stuff. Its pointless spending time remaking menus that all serve the same function every time I do a new homebrew game/app so I’m going to use the same menu as I continually tweak and improve it. This also means that any time I go back to an old game I’ve done I’ll be able to really quickly slap on the newer version of that menu system and right away already have a bunch of improvements for the game.

I’m not sure how viable an option they are since I’m using SDL rather then Libwiisprite GRRLIB but there are actually already somewhat standardized Wii homebrew home menus available to use like The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library or HomeMenu but they only really try to imitate the official menu (its crazy how well HomeMenu manages to look like it or at least does in the screenshot) which is cool in one way but also kinda limiting. Theres so much more that could be done in that space then what is accomplished with the official Wii home menu. Just look at what PS3 and 360 do with there in game menu system. So anyways my goal is to add in as much cool shit as is possible without it having a negative effect on the performance of the actual game that the menu is used with.

The menu in Maze Generator is already doing a few things that the real Wii home menu doesn’t. It displays the time and date. It even has a screenshot feature. It saves a perfect quality image of the screen (as it was before you paused and brought up the home menu) to your SD card. Its not perfect. Its in BMP format which means the file size is a bit bloated though the quality is perfect, its a bit slow (the game freezes for a second or two once you select to save the screen), and it always saves it as sd:/screenshot.bmp and overwrites any preexisting file at the address with that file name so you can only take one screenshot. But it was so stupidly easy and such a cool feature that it just seems absurd that it isn’t commonplace.

So anyways I want to know what kinds of things you want to be able to do from home menu. If you can think of anything cool then post the idea in the comments. It doesn’t matter how outlandish it is I want to hear it.

Now on an unrelated note because I’m completely fracking vain I want to point you in the direction of TehSkeen. I use to visit that site regularly before I kinda took a break from paying attention to Wii homebrew and my inner attention whore just had a total nerdgasm when I realized that three of the twenty front page news posts are currently about homebrew things I made. Needless to say they have won the site back its place in my firefox bookmarks.