more about 1bit Invaders

1bit Invader is available on the Homebrew Browser now. I think it got added only like an hour or two after I posted it. I still cant get over how awesomely fast Teknecal is about updating that thing with new apps as they are released.

I forgot to mention something else about 1bit Invaders that in all likelihood nobody is going to actually use but I still think is awesome which is the screen shot functionality. It was in Maze generator but got seriously improved upon in that first release of 1bit invaders. Just hit the home button at any point in the game and in the list of buttons that appear are two that will record a screenshot of the game (as it was the moment before the menu slid onto screen). For starters now along with saving the image as a BMP file you can also save it as a PNG file instead which gives you the same perfect and lossless picture quality at a drastically reduced file size and and also at a much quicker speed. Regardless of whether you save as a PNG or BMP file though it now searches for the first available file name (screenshot1.png then screenshot2.png etc) rather then always saving it as screenshot.bmp and overwriting any pre existing file with that name which means that you can now save as many screen shots as you can fit on your SD card.

I’ve got something new and unrelated in the works right now that is half done and hopefully will be somewhat ready for public consumption by tomorrow or maybe the day after at the latest. I know I’ve already got too many separate games being made at the same time but it gets boring working on the same thing. Once I’m done with this thing I’m doing now though I’m going to give MP3 audio playback another go (I’ll dig through Dragon Media Player’s source code and see how it does it) and if I can get that working I’ll return to working on Dance Clone and if not I’ll do some more work on 1bit Invader. So anyways check back here soon for the new thing. I assure you it will be awesome. Its not really cutting edge even by Wii Homebrew standards but I think its still really cool in a tech demo sorta way and its something that its been buging me that other people haven’t been doing more of.