I was going to try and work in some kind of basic gameplay and make it into something that I could pretend was a game but its frustrating me right now and I don’t really feel like working on it anymore. Lets just call it a tech demo. Its polygon free and technically totally 2d but it fakes a 3d first person view the same way that old school “3d” games like Wolfenstein 3D, Rise of the Triad and Doom did though its not even as complex as them (it has no textures). the environment is randomly generated and uses the same setup I made for Maze Generator only with a different width and height and some extra random walls removed to make the map less linear.

You use the nunchuck analog stick to move and the wiimote ir sensor to aim. You turn based on where on screen you aim but turning is deactivated well you hold down the A button.

I added in multiple screens for options in the home menu because it seemed like it was starting to get overly crowded after adding the PNG screenshot option. Just hit Plus or Minus or click on the left and right on screen buttons to switch menus. It slides nice and smoothly back and forth from menu to menu.

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3 thoughts on “TwoPointFive”

    1. Wow have you actually played TimeFrack? I was convinced that nobody had. Its not exactly a good game and pretty much just as incomplete as TwoPointFive lol. But anyways yeah I would love to do that. There are other things I’m shifting my attention to but the lack of an original Wii homebrew fps has been bugging me and I totally intend to make one at some point and I hadn’t considered it but now that you mention it I think I might work in some kind of time control when I do. I love games that let you screw with time in some way and it was really interesting working on it for TimeFrack.

      1. I basically play everything you post. After you made that Zombie game (and the name escapes me right now), I’m hooked on following your stuff and what you make.

        I was in love with Timeshift, so TimeFrack seemed really cool to me. I think a fully fleshed out game for it would be awesome, and I wish you the best of luck with your work. I’ll still be checking in on it occasionally.

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