What I’ve been up to.

Yeah my quick succession of new Wii homebrew releases seems to have slowed / stopped. You can blame that on Six feet Under DVDs. I’m half way into season 4 now. I’m also waiting on the new music for Dance Clone before starting up working on it again.

I have been doing a few productive things though. I started messing around with making stuff for PC with SDL (something I’ve never done before) and its been a pleasantly painless transition from using SDL when developing for Wii. I’m considering porting over some of my Wii stuff after I have a few things that are actually complete (lets face it most of what I’ve released is crap). Another thing I’m considering maybe doing the reverse and making things for PC first and then porting over to Wii which would make testing faster and easier and would probable save time considering how easy it would be to port things over. I’m also now more then ever thinking that I’ll probable start fresh and go with SDL/OpenGL when I return to working on TheyDoNotDie.

What I’ve been doing on PC with SDL is playing around with giving that 2.5d tech demo I made for Wii a bump in the direction of true 3d. Its crazy slow on my crap computer and will presumable be even slower on Wii but hopefully it will be something with a usable frame rate at a tolerable resolution in the end. A Wolfenstein 3D style homebrew shooter would be nice on Wii but a 3d shooter with voxel based fully destructible environments would be cool on any platform. I made some improvements to my still admittedly crappy grid based ray casting work a bit better and well I haven’t implemented it yet I found out how to correct that fisheye type distortion that was happening so even if I just return to that 2.5d style it will look better and run faster and more consistent then ever.

I’ve also been messing around with using a USB keyboard with Wii (another thing I’m a noob with) and have been making a simple homebrew text editor along the way complete with an on screen keyboard (something I know I’ll need for re use in future homebrew) for people without USB ones.