Here is something of a successor to that Two Point Five tech demo thing I did. This doesn’t fake it though and is legitimately 3D this time. Unfortunately its even more heavily distorted and things get really weird if you look up or down at too much of an angle and I’ve been failing miserably to correct the problem. I also had to seriously drop the resolution to get the frame rate going well. I dont remember for sure but I think I settled on making it effectively 160×120 but whatever it is the point is that at the usual 640×480 Wii resolution its way to slow for real time gameplay. I dont think its too pixelated to be playable at its current resolution though so I’m not really too bummed out about the sacrifice.

Anyways its somewhat functional and in the process of making it I reworked a lot of stuff that I can carry back over to improve performance if I return to making a 2.5d game so even if I never fulfill my dreams of making the definitive destructive raytraced voxel based shooter I will at the least have some comparatively nice performance in the event that I get around to settling for making a simple Wolfenstein 3D type game for Wii.

use the wiimote to aim, You turn based on where on screen your aiming, hold the A button to stop turning, Use the nunchuck analog stick to move and and use the C and Z buttons to move vertically.

That’s all for now. Just remember voxels > polygons.

Download links for Wii version
Download links for Windows PC version

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