ThreePointO news

The Good

ThreePointO got added to Homebrew Browser so its available that way now. I’m almost done fixing the distortion problems (some minor things to be worked out but it but it mostly displayed everything correctly). I also got it running a bit faster which means higher resolution though I’m not sure by how much yet (I’ve been working on it on PC rather then Wii).

Once I get the final problem worked out I’ll post the updated version and I’ll go back and make a new fixed up version of Two Point Five.

Also well unrelated to Three Point O I’m sure some of you will be happy to hear that I got around to doing a small bit for Dance Clone.

The Bad

They where all crazy cheap so I got End War (voice controls are soooooo cool and really work but aside from that novelty the game doesn’t seem that great), Prince of Persia (I heart this game) and Mercenaries 2 (haven’t played it yet) which combined with my sudden urge to start going back and spending more time with Battlefield Bad Company and Playstation Home again means that my productivity slowed to a halt again.