Teh Skeen is dead

It always sucks to see a site your fond of go away.

Dear Skeeners,

Due to circumstances out of my control I have no choice, but to inform you of the bad news. TehSkeen is lost. Therefore, due to internal and external reasons I am leaving the “scene”. It.s been a hell of a ride and five years is a long time to work on something you enjoy to have it just vanish. TehSkeen had a vision and I hope someday someone else will follow this vision. I.m not giving up just moving on. I hope you all can understand this and if you can’t I’m sorry. There are other sites out there with similar morals and content that you can be a part of. Farewell.

Kind Regards,


Well anyways congrats to pdroms.de I suppose for moving up a slot in my bookmarks. Anyone know any other good homebrew news sites worth checking out? Preferably something not Nintendo specific. I dont have a PSP for example but I still like seeing whats coming out for it. If its an english language site then that’s an added bonus also.

In unrelated news I am a horrible and lazy person. I haven’t done anything homebrew related since my last post. I can confirm though that Mercenaries 2 (or at least its PS3 incarnation) is a much better game then some other people seem to think.