Random pages for devs.

I always end up with a ton of stuff in my firefox bookmarks. Which sucks. I hate needing to scroll around and find things as I feel it somewhat defeat the purpose of having a time saving list of important and/or frequently accessed sites. There is only so much good that folders can do for providing order. So every now and then when I’m bored I make a vain attempt to clear some stuff out.

But I always end up with some stuff that I know I will likely never revisit but feel guilty about discarding. There just too freaken awesome. So I’m going to post a few of em here. That way I can delete em well still having a place that I can find em if I do need them (without resorting to wandering around on google) and also now you can benefit from there kickassery.

MazeWorks – How to build a maze

Super simple introduction to / instructions for Depth-first search and maze generation. Its short and doesn’t contain any source code to read (aside from some example pseudocode) but is definitely worth reading if your interested in giving randomized level generation a try.


PlayTechs: Programming for fun: Raytracing on a grid

Awesome page about about fairly awesomely fast grid based ray tracing. I ended up totally scrapping how I was previously calculating grid based raytracing after finding this. It even includes some example code that you can really easily adapt for your own purposes. There is some other interesting stuff on the same blog also.


permadi.com Ray-Casting Tutorial

Another worth reading set of page about raycasting.


Lazy Foo’s SDL tutorials

This is by far the definitive SDL tutorial. All game dev noobs that want to start using c++ and SDL should go here.


realtimerendering.com Object/Object Intersection page

Soooooo much info on intersection detection. Some cool stuff to be found on the same sites blog also.


Game/AI: Fixing path finding once and for all

Older then old but interesting article about path finding in games. Some other worth reading stuff to be found on the same site also.


gamedev.net Advanced Raycasting Techniques

Yet another article about raycasting.


gamedev.net forums Wolf3D raycast Fisheye bug

What is in retrospect a painfully obvious solution to a problem that’s probably only a problem to idiots like me (and apparently a user named Andos).



This is a page that definitely isn’t losing its place in my bookmarks but I wanted to share it anyways. Wolfire is the dev team behind Lugaru, Black Shades and the currently still in production Overgrowth. With the high levels of awesomness emanating from their consistent stream of insightful and interesting content there is no excuse for any self respecting nerd to not be visiting there blog daily. The blog really just exists as a kind of marketing tool for Overgrowth but even if that idea is floating around in the back of your mind it doesn’t distract from its awesomeness. Besides what there marketing is pretty cool in its own right. Plus there even doing something interesting about how there paying for the production. rather then going into dept and hoping to make a lump of cash on day one they are selling pre orders crazy early and as a reward for buying in early you get access to everything they make. How great would it have been if Duke Nukem Forever did that (to be clear I’m not implying that overgrowth is vaporware but rather that it sucks that there was all that secrecy and discarded content DNF that nobody will ever get to mess around with)?