Mono space pixel font.

Fonts dont get enough credit. But I’m really freaken happy with the font that I used for Revolt of the Binary Couriers which I think is major improvement over the font from the original Pineapple Apocalypse. So I want to draw some attention to it. Here it is (doubled in size nearest neighbor style for legibility on higher resolution PC screens) bellow. Pay attention to it.

Its Opti Small from and I heart it. Well not completely. There where a few very minor tweaks I made. I rounded out the bottom of the lower case c, removed the dot from the middle of the zero and made the dots smaller for the percentage sign. But in general its great. I just like the look of it. Plus well I’m fond of its form it delivers on function as well. Well being simultaneously legible its also crazy tiny which allowed me to vertically shrink the text windows (so they took up less screen space) well at the same time fitting more characters in on each line. When your making a low resolution 2D game every pixel counts.

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