Time Frack 2D


So I’m making a 2d platformer / shooter for GP2X with the ability to slow down and rewind time. Its sorta based on that other 3d game/demo/thing I did of the same name (which was a rip off of all the ideas of TimeShift which was in turn just somewhat a product of how cliche and common time controls have become… Hooray for derivative non originality!) minus one visual/spatial dimension. This one should hopefully reach a higher point of completion though and actually be something that can be called a game. Currently its far from done but the basic movement, shooting and time controls are functional. As I said it is being made primarily for GP2X (its actually being made primarily so that I have something to make primarily for GP2X lol) but there is and will be PC versions of it and I’ll probably port it over to Wii at some future point in time.


The bar at the bottom of the screen shows how fast time is progressing. If its to the far right then its moving forward like normal, if its in the center then its paused, if its to the far left then its rewinding at normal speed and if its somewhere in between then obviously its moving at a speed somewhere in between (ie 1/8 between the center and the right side means that time is moving at 1/8 speed). The bar at the top of the screen shows your position on the time line. You cant rewind past when the game began.

GP2X controls

d-pad/joystick – move left or right
X – jump
A – shoot
L – slow down time
R – speed up time
Start/Select – exit the game

PC controls

WASD/arrow keys – move left or right
Space – jump
R – shoot
Q – slow down time
E – speed up time
Just close the window the exit…

Download links for GP2X version
Download links for PC version

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