TheyDoNotDie R13 – Now more incomplete then ever!

Its a well established fact that DirectX users are always the first to get themselves killed and eaten by zombies.

So anyways I’m starting fresh and making the game with SDL and OpenGL. No more DarkGDK or DirectX.

Why this is a good thing:

I’ve never used OpenGL before and new things are interesting things which means that new things are good things. The more interested I am in a project and the more I feel like I’m learning or doing something new then the more likely I am to spend time on that project.

It will be portable. Because it used DirectX and even more so because it was using DirectX through DarkGDK the game was and always would be restricted to being a being a windows only game. That isn’t the case with SDL or OpenGL. Linux and Mac users rejoice. I could end up making it available on pretty much anything.

It will run faster. Its hard to judge by how much right now but DarkGDK isn’t exactly known for being speedy. Better performance means that it will run on even more lower end computer or alternatively will run the same on the same computers with even more zombies and even more stuff going on.

Why this a bad thing:

It will probably take a little time just to get back to the same level of semi complete that I was at previously. Nowhere near as long as it did the first time around though and I will at least be returning to working on it now which I wouldn’t be super interested in doing if I had to continue carrying the baggage of the way it was previously made.

Proof that I have returned to working on it:

Download links for PC version

2 thoughts on “TheyDoNotDie R13 – Now more incomplete then ever!”

  1. Very awesome stuff! The OpenGL version seems like it runs a lot smoother than the previous releases, but that might just be due to the lack of anything going on…

    Regardless, good luck with this, and I really hope you nail it this time!

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