zombies and framerates

So you probably noticed that the frame rate is a LOT better in the more recent releases of They Do Not Die (I know I’m crazy inconsistent about when I do and don’t type that out with spaces between the words. Which way do you prefer?) then the ones from before when I was still making it with DarkGDK (R12 and everything before that). Part of that is the result of just how I’m making the game now (SDL+OpenGL > DarkGDK+DirectX) and part of it is the result of the newer releases incompleteness (I just worked back in blood for example and when its all on screen it currently takes out a surprisingly big chunk of that improved performance). The thing is that frame rate consistency is important. Games can be made frame rate independent (for example rather then having a set movement speed per frame you can make a characters movement speed based on how much time has passed since the last frame) but its a little bit more work and if precautions aren’t put in place then depending on how things are setup then framerate independence can cause things to seriously misbehave if the framerate gets to low or to a lesser extent possibly also if the framerate is too high. Making the game framerate independent is something that ideally I would like to do but I dont consider it a priority and would rather spend the time on implementing other features rather then working in framerate independence and correcting any problems that arise from it. The only people that would benefit from it anyways is the people with higher end computers that are capable of getting the game running at abnormally high speed and admittedly I’m really making this game for myself and my computers a bit outdated. If you have a computer that can run Crysis then you probably have funner things to play with then any of my games. So then if the game is going to function on the assumption that its running at a constant rate then it needs to be throttled to insure that it it doesn’t surpass that rate (ever play a REALLY old game that was running too fast? yeah its not good) and be made simple enough that it can be realistically obtained. So then that raises the question of what that rate should be. The standard tends to be to go with either 30 or 60 frames per second. The original ran at 30 which was more or less alright (or at least it was when it was reaching it which it didn’t always do consistently on my PC) but blah blah blah I dont feel like typing this out anymore.

TL;DR – The games framerate was capped at 30 once before and soon it will be again.

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  1. Hmm…interesting. Think you’ll be able to integrate some form of multiplayer at some point? MUCH later on if its possible but meh, it’d be good. Keep up the good work ^^

    1. Are you talking about local or online multiplayer?

      Local split screen (or single screen when nearby perhaps) multiplayer would be fairly easy to do but I’m not sure what I would do for control input. Sharing a keyboard is no big deal but mouse aim is really important and obviously a single mouse cant be very well used by two (or more) people. Is it possible to have two mouses (mice?) hooked up to a single computer and have them recognized separately? I suppose one player could use a gamepad/joystick…

      I tried and failed to figure out how to do anything online lol. Its definitely something of interest to me though and something I intend to go back to and learn more about. I’m somewhat doubtful that there would be enough people playing at any given time for you to ever have a chance of just starting a game and getting into a random match but even so online multiplayer (competitive and cooperative) is something I really want to do even if it isn’t a priority at the moment. The ability to share custom made maps online from within the game is also something I really want to implement in the future.

      1. Yeah, sharing custom maps would be brilliant. And I’m pretty sure you can have two mice but not two seperate cursors =/ So yeah it would have to be a joystick or something for local multiplayer. Make it sorta like the lego starwars local multiplayer (worst example ever >.<) where its one screen and it follows the first player, so the second player gets "dragged along" with the screen if he goes too far behind.
        But enough of that, I'm sure you'll think of something awesome when the time comes. Concentrate on finishing this and your other projects at the moment =D

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