TheyDoNotDie R16

There is now a level selection screen (you can use maps made with the level editor from R12). The maps are now no longer incorrectly flipped (the placement of tiles was flipped from what it was before I started again from scratch). There are still sidewalk tiles specific for convex corners but the rest of the sidewalk tiles have been replaced with one generic sidewalk tile (There was too little of a difference between them and I noticed that even I ended up using the wrong sidewalk tiles a lot of the time). The health bar is back as is the energy bar. You can run again (hold shift). Zombies no longer die from a single hit and instead have a limited amount of health. Dead zombies leave behind a corpse rather then just disappearing. The size of zombies is now randomized to some extent. Their amount of starting health, the size of their sprite, the size of their corpse, and everything else about the zombies scales correctly to their size. I increased the zombie count to 1000 (four times the previous default) and also increased how much blood can be dropped.

Download Windows PC version from ModDB

5 thoughts on “TheyDoNotDie R16”

  1. Okay…This crashes on startup for me =/ I’m using Vista and it just comes up with “TheyDoNotDieR16 has stopped responding”. I’ve tried a bunch of compatibility settings and none of them work. Could you release a version of this that is windowed instead of full screen please? My laptop hates fullscreen things >.<

    1. Frack…

      I’ll probably have another updated release done and posted in a day or two and I’ll make it windowed rather then full screen. When I do let me know if it works or not. Hopefully that will fix it on its own.

      Not sure if it has anything to do with anything but are you running a 32 bit or 64 bit version of vista?

  2. 32 bit. I’m not saying to permanently put it in windowed, I’m just wondering if you could give it an option for windowed or fullscreen. Then those who it doesn’t affect can play it in glorious fullscreen while people as unlucky as me can play it in windowed. XD Thanks.

    1. Ok. I always intended to have multiple options for what resolution to use and whether or not to use fullscreen or not I just haven’t gotten the menu setup for it yet. Its really no work at all for me to switch it back to a 640×480 window which is probably better to use as a default anyways.

  3. Hmm. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. Focus on making it work for now and add the fancy features in later. =D

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