TheyDoNotDie R17

There is now a texture set selection screen. Basically how it works is you create a folder inside the textures folder and within that new subfolder you place textures that you want the game to use. When you want to use them then at the texture set selection screen you just select that subfolder to load the textures from for use in the game. Check the Default folder to find out the correct file names and things for each texture. You dont need to use the same width and high as the original textures that can be found in the Default folder (no matter how large or small you make them they will always be correctly stretched to fit their in game use) but the width and high for textures should still always be a power of two. When the game first starts up it automatically loads the textures from the Default folder and when you select a different texture set for use it will obviously only load replacement textures that can be found in that folder. So for example the Green Blood folder only includes an alternative texture for blood so it loads up that blood texture to use but for the other textures it continues to use the already loaded ones that it previously got from the Default folder.

there is also a background music selection screen (just drop an mp3 file into the music folder and it will show up on the list).

There is a kill counter and once you kill 100 zombies (admittedly a way too low number) if sends you back to the menus from which you can start a new game. It was something that I was oddly having a little trouble with before restarting work on the game but it seems to be working fine now and wasn’t too much trouble setting up. If you notice anything that is being carried over from game to game or in any way not being correctly reset then let me know.

Human survivors are back in the game. They dont do anything but you can kill them by shooting them (just like you can with zombies) and when they die then they immediately come back to life as zombies.

I switched it back to running in a 640×480 window rather then going full screen at your current desktop resolution.

Aside from that I dont think I made any significant changes other then maybe tweaking a few little things.

Download Windows PC version from ModDB

8 thoughts on “TheyDoNotDie R17”

  1. Ahh crap. I really thought that would fix it. Still crashes with the same message -.- Maybe it’s because I’m not running as an admin? Would that make a difference?

    1. I dont know if that would make a difference. Maybe. I’m not sure why it would cause it to crash for you but I’m guessing it must be a problem with how I’m getting lists of what files and things are in certain folders (to check what maps, music, and texture sets there are to use). Its the only thing I introduced with R16 that could explain it no longer running on computers that it previously worked with. Does R15 crash for you (I dont think I was doing any of that yet in R15)?

      1. Apparantly not O_O I thought it did. Must have been the whole change to DarkGDK in general then. Although I remember the first release working (The one where you couldn’t shoot) so that can’t be it…Hmm. Weird.

      2. So R17, 16 and 15 dont work but R13 (the first one after the switch from DarkGDK to SDL + OpenGL) does work?

        Does R14 work (it was the first to have music and physics and zombies back but still had no shooting)? Just for the sake of certainty would you mind checking if R13 still works so I can rule out the possibility of something about your computing having changed explaining why the more recent ones are causing problems when it didn’t.

        I dont seem to have mentioned it in the releases blog post but I think I introduced v-syncing (which corrects screen tearing) in R15. I suppose your computer might have some kind of objection to that… If that whats causing the problem then making that and optional feature would be easy to do. If R15 is the first one to not work then I’m not sure what else I changed that could have plausibly effected compatibility.

  2. Sorry, major typo on my part. R15 DOES crash but R14 DOESN’T. I guess my crappy graphics card can’t handle v-syncing then.

    1. Ok. There are a few things I want to include that I havent gotten around to doing yet but I’ll probable post another updated copy of the game in a day or two. I’ll switch off v-syncing for it and hopefully that will get it working again for you.

      1. Okay thanks. Sorry for all this hassle D= Hope you continue to make great enjoyable games!

      2. No worries. I dont mind the hassle. If there is something wrong I would rather know so that I can fix it. Thanks for testing out my craptacular game and putting up with its problems.

        I uploaded a newer version of the game minus the vsync to the games ModDB page. It hasn’t been authorized yet (everything uploaded on ModDB needs human approval) but it should presumable be available to download later today. When you get a chance to try it out let me know if its working.

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