deadlines and delays

Only 24 days left for the Pandora Angst Coding Competition. What the Frack happened to me having like 40 days left? Yay I win at procrastinating…

What I was working on was a top down version of that cubicle stealth game that I never finished for PC. Since it was going to be primarily for GP2X it would be sprite based and even more 2d then the previous Escape From The Cubicle but I was actually putting a lot of focus on giving it somewhat of a pseudo 3d look. In some ways its already more complete then the 3d original. It has some nice A* path finding for example well the original still leaves them trying to walk through walls when trying to catch you.

Anyways I dont know when I’m going to go back to it. I’m kinda unhappy with it right now and more in the “frack it I dont want to deal with this” kinda way rather then the “Hellz yeah lets fix this” kinda way.

I’ve got some frustration over cmath apparently not working right for me for some reason on GP2X (it compiles fine but returns majorly incorrect values) and nothing I do seems to fix it. I’ve found ways around needing to use cmath though (using a trig table for example works fine for my purposes and is probable faster anyways). Its not ideal but I can manage without it.

What I’m really unhappy with are the visuals. I think I can make the pretend 3d thing work. I know whats wrong with it. I just need to make the sprites for the cubicle walls larger per layer by the correct amount (rather then using the same sprite each layer), make the character sprite atlas larger with the pre rendered people in more positions so the transition isn’t as jarring when they move along the screen. Make sure they get properly offset on screen based on where there feet are in the sprite.

But the problem is that even if I finished everything up and polished the hell out of it to the point where everything looks correct and completely convincingly 3d it would still suck. It does a terrible job of communicating what you need to know to play the game. Not only is it hard to tell that the characters are people but at such a low resolution and such a steep angle its way to difficult to tell what direction they are facing which is important to know for a stealth game. Plus when they get in crowds they kinda all blur together and it just looks like pixelated static. The problem is made even worse by the bubbles over there head obscuring parts of the screen but those bubbles are kinda necessary for informing you of whether or not they see you and/or suspect that they know where you are.

The character design and the idea for the over head bubbles where both based around the game being visually 3d and at a more over the shoulder type angle not 2d and top down and its just made more obvious that it doesn’t work well this way by the restrictions of the low resolution.

Also: apparently warble is a real word. I typed that in as randomness to test that text was being rendered correctly. Also I regret looking on google to see if it was a real word cuz its disgusting and that squirrel on its wikipedia page freaks me out. You’ve failed at desensitizing me, internet.