TheyDoNotDie R18

I switched off v sync for now to see if that helps with compatibility. rather then ending the game once you’ve killed 100 zombies it instead only sends you back to the menus when your health reaches zero. Boxes, cars and those walls that aren’t stuck to the grid are all back. The boxes can be broken like before. The flamethrower has also returned and can be used to hurt zombies and survivors but it has no effect on boxes and things you hurt with it dont catch fire. I think that’s pretty much everything that’s changed though I dont really remember for sure.

Download Windows PC version from ModDB

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  1. OMFG! It STILL doesn’t work! *Sigh* I’ve had a look through the different versions files and the only ones I can see that are consistently different are “libvorbis-0” and “libvorbisfile-3” both are .dll files. What do these do and are they necessary? Thats the only other thing I can think of =/

    1. They are totally unnecessary. Try deleting them. It works on my end with or without them.

      They have to do with playing ogg files (its an audio format) which makes them irrelevant since I haven’t actually setup the menu to allow you to select ogg files yet (I was going to finally change that today but at the moment the music selection menu ignores anything without an mp3 file extension). I had forgot it but your right I had made a point of removing the unnecessary dll files in R14 before compressing it all into the rar file and uploading it which I got lazy about doing afterwords. They aren’t big enough to really matter bandwidth wise if I included them and I assumed the extra dlls would just be ignored since they aren’t in use yet. To be honest I dont really know a ton about how it is that programs access external dlls.

      Anyways just delete libvorbis-0 and libvorbisfile-3 and see if that makes any difference.

      1. Okay so I tried that and it didn’t make a difference, so I had a look between all of them again and noticed that R18 had no settings.dat for the save files. Could that be it? I’m getting annoyed now T_T But your games are totally worth it.

  2. Well I tried copying and pasting that from R14 to R18 which also made no difference. Maybe it’s the fact that you can actually shoot in R15 and above? I have no clue =/ Or the green blood.

    Interesting discovery! The game launches without crashing when I run it in 256 colours mode. But it looks all glitchy and with whacky colours which renders it unplayable.

    1. That is interesting. I dont think I changed it so I dont know why it would only have effected R15 and up but if your computer has a problem with 32 bit depth color (which is what I had it set to) then that could definitely be it. I cant seem to find a way to check what the current desktop bitdepth is (there must be a way…) but apparently if you enter 0 when setting up the video mode then SDL automatically goes with whatever it is so that might fix it.

      Assuming that all windows does when you run a program in 256 colour mode is switch the screen color depth well the program is running then the problem must be something related to graphics.

      To what extent does the game work for you in 256 colour mode? When I do it the colors are totally messed up but its still possible to see the diagonal lines of the background (though its green which it shouldn’t be) and I can still tell that there is text on screen (even if it is difficult/impossible to read). It also still highlights the second to top line of text when I mouse over it but it doesn’t seem to acknowledge it anymore when I click on it. Along with allowing me to exit by hitting the x button on the window it still exits when I hit the Esc key so keyboard input seems to still be working.

      The settings.dat file was left over from before I restarted working on the game. The SDL/OpengGL versions of the game dont use it in anyway. It just happened to be in the folder when I copy/pasted it to get the maps to include.

      I’m going to upload something for you to test. Give me a sec.

      1. Okay then…18.5 doesn’t work but runs in 256 colours with the green background and won’t let me click it just like you said. 18 does the same except its a grey/black background instead. There is text on screen for both of them.

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