TheyDoNotDie R19

ModDB is a great site but it seems to be getting slower and slower. I uploaded this newer release of the game a full week ago and it seems to have just been confirmed and made available for download today. Oddly enough I still haven’t even gotten an email telling me that it was finally up (which you usually get whenever you upload something to ModDB and is presumably sent out automatically).

I dont even really remember what I changed anymore. I should probable start writing down changes as I make them… Anyways one change that I’m pretty sure is in this is that it now checks settings.ini (an included file that you can easily modify with any text editor such as notepad) for what resolution to use, whether or not to be full screen, what bit depth to use, whether or not to use mipmapping, and a bunch of other things. If your having trouble getting the game to run then try messing around with changing the options in the ini file. Regardless of whether or not your having trouble with compatibility I highly recommend giving the game a try at 16bit 320×240 fullscreen. Its not the way the game was intended to be played and the text gets difficult to read at anything below 630×480 but it just looks so damn charmingly retro. The survivors follow you and they have some incomplete but somewhat functional path finding so they dont just walk into walls like the zombies do. When survivors are in a safe zone they fade away and are considered saved once they disappear. When zombies are in a safe zone they are injured. I’m sure there are other differences between this and the previous release but I dont remember what.

Download Windows PC version from ModDB