Random software shout-outs


Considering that its effectively just a download manager it is a bit of a slow resource hog but despite that JDownloader is by far the best download manager available. Not only does it support popular sites like rapidshare and megaupload but it even has support for some of the most obscure of file hosts. In most cases it will even decipher captcha text on its own. If your regularly faced with large collections of download links then it is absurd how much of a convenience JDownloader is. Plus its even open source and cross platform!



Its windows specific and as far as I can tell closed source but it is freeware and super helpful. What Unlocker does is allow you to quickly and easily free up a file(s) so you can delete it, move it or do whatever else you might want to do. Its a simple program it does something that you might not think about often but it does what it does well and its something thats ended up saving me time and frustration surprisingly often.



Another closed source windows specific app. Its a bandwidth monitor and a pretty nice one also. Whats especially nice is that it seems to have recently become freeware (I’m not sure when that happened but until a few moments ago I was using a slightly malfunctioning cracked version of an outdated build from when it was still only shareware). I don’t know how I would have survived under a bandwidth cap without it.


WebMail Notifier add-on for Firefox

A kick ass firefox add-on. Never again will you need to manually check your email provider to see if you have received anything new. Its useful if you use email often and in a way its even more useful if you rarely do.


Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox

If you use firefox then there is no excuse to not already have this and if your using Internet Explorer or something like that then this should be the justification needed to switch. Not only will it save you from a life of brainwashed sheeple consumerism but pages will load faster also without the adds.


Disable Automatic Offline Management add-on for Firefox

One minor thing about firefox that bugged me is that it would sometimes automatically switch to offline mode when I lost my connection for a second. This fixes that.


Remember to support developers of freeware by making the occasional donation when you find a piece of software that you appreciate.