TheyDoNotDie R20

Eight release since the restart and switch to SDL/OpenGL.

Functional and drivable cars are back and crates can once again be broken open manually with the E button. Improved fire. Explosions have also returned (or where they already back in the game? I don’t remember for sure what was in R19). Improved (though still significantly incomplete) survivor path finding. I added music volume control to the settings.ini file. Some other little tweaks.

Download Links for Windows PC version

8 thoughts on “TheyDoNotDie R20”

    1. Thanks. Though I know you didn’t actually play it (or at least definitely not this most recent release). Its alright though lol.

      Oh and I know I’ve been kinda ignoring the platform but I’ll probable have something for Wii in roughly a week. I wrote up a new GP2X game which I’m apparently not suppose to post for a few days (its for a contest which wont even begin getting judged for another 5 days) but anyways I’m going to do a Wii port of it.

      1. I actually did play this R20 release.. with the Gun/Flame Thrower combo.

        Haven’t played the previous couple of releases.

        Look forward to the Wii port.

  1. Bugs so far
    Cars aren’t drivible, e doesn’t work.
    No dual blood texture, green for zombies red for humans.
    Huge and severe laagggs.
    No diferent texture for Zombie classes.
    No start-end point.
    No gun slots.
    Please make em all, some opened cfg files, for adding extra. Please make good engine, moders will do other stuff. Now it’s STUCKED. NO improvements from r11. Just engine changes, which even causes more lags.

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