Dance Clone – Wii

Here it is: the newly improved Dance Clone for Wii. There is still a LOT left to be done and its still far from being comparable to something like Step Mania or Dance Dance Revolution but I think its definitely a step up from the last release.

The main menu lists all the mp3 audio files located at /apps/DanceClone/Music/ and you can select what song you want to play using the wiimote cursor and the A button. For playing the actual game once the song start you can use the wiimote D-pad, A GameCube D-pad or a GameCube/Wii dance mat. Hit the home button at any time to exit.

As with the PC version the included song is “Dance, NOW!” by RekcahDam but the arrow placement file has been updated. There doesn’t seem to be the same delay before the audio starts as there is with the PC version (on my PC anyways) so I had to place the arrows 200 milliseconds earlier to keep them in sync with the song.

If you want to play a song that doesn’t yet have an arrow placement file then a menu will appear allowing you to quickly generate one. I’ll talk more about arrow placement later.

Download Links for Wii version

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  2. I want to know: is he works also with the mat of the game “Family Trainer”

    1. I’m not sure. I don’t have a Family Trainer / Active Life mat so I can’t test it.

      Does the mat connect to Wii with a USB cable or a game cube controller cable? Does it work with games other then Family Trainer / Active Life (a DDR mat for example is actually treated the same as a regular game cube controller and can be used in place of a gamecube d-pad and A/B buttons with any game that would use them)?

  3. plzz help im using a sd card to play this game but i cant play it if start the game i get blackscreen plzz repl fast thanks

    1. I suspect there are probably still problems loading the game from a USB storage device when a SD card is still inserted but I’m not sure why you would be having problems if your loading it from an SD card…

      What version of the game are you trying to play? Where did you download it from?

      Try downloading/installing it again from the Homebrew Browser (I’ll test it later today to check that the copy their isn’t somehow corrupted or out of date or something but I think its probably already safe to assume that is the best way to get it). Even if that is already where you got the game from just delete the game and download it again anyways.

      Before installing and testing the game again unplug anything you have attached via USB.

      Do you have the same problem with all of my games or is it specific to Dance Clone? If it is effecting all of my games is the problem limited to my games or do you have problems with any other homebrew that wasn’t made by me?

      Is it a completely black screen or is there any text or random colors or anything? If its just sitting at a completely blank screen then the game probably hasn’t crashed but has for some reason failed to load the graphics…

      Regardless of whether you get it working or are still having problems please reply and if you are still having problems then please provide as much information as possible.

      1. i first tried to play Dance Clone 0.4 after that i tried 0.3 and both didnt work and i dowloaded from your website and wiibrew website.I only have the problems with your games.

        if try to start the game i get full black screen without something else.

        and one question does it work on all versions your game?

      2. Ok. I’m not totally sure whats causing the problem but I think I know something that might fix it. I’ll probably post an updated version of Dance Clone today or at some point in the next few days. Try it out when I do and let me know if there is any change.

    1. I just posted it now. Sorry it took me a while. I was planning to post it sooner but there was something I wanted to include in this version that I got stuck trying to get working. Let me know if version 0.5 works for you.

  4. Do any of you get these code dumping errors that I am getting for 99% of the songs that I am downloading? Seriously none work. Or they won’t even show up as songs after I downloaded them on step mania and bemainstream. Have you guys tried downloading from both of those sites and if so which ones work? Is this app worthless or have you guys actually gotten songs to “import stepmat” on the wii successfully and then start playing? What do I do? Should I drag the existing songs that do/might work to this new app version for dance clone? Or start from scratch? I am stuck. Thanks in advance.

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