Competition Results

I just realized that the results for the 2010 Pandora Angst Coding Competition are apparently in. Super Pixel Jumper got an average score of 311 (plus 2 bonus points) which put it in 13th place out of 30 (with second and third place apparently both being the same game?)! It was perceived as being somewhat sorta slightly a little maybe better then the other submissions on average! Nowhere even remotely close to wining but I’m still freaken happy about how that turned out.

2 thoughts on “Competition Results”

    1. It didn’t actually win second and third (just second) but the image provided with the results for some reason treated different versions of submissions as if they where separate entries so Nether Dimensional Runner (which was made for GP2X and Wiz) was both the second and third on the list. The fourth on the list Towers of Gowno was what actually won third place.

      But regardless yay I’m still happy with my completely unremarkable and average place in the list. I’m happy with how my thing turned out but I totally acknowledge that its incredibly simplistic, uninnovative, uninteresting and unimpressive and I was expecting it to go over poorly.

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