A tale of operating systems – they dont like me

I tried to install OSx86 but it wouldn’t work. Admittedly I didn’t really put much (any) effort into correcting the problem though. I might mess around with trying to get it going in VMware Player or something later. Next up I decided to give Syllable a try for no particular reason. It would also not install properly. I then tried to install ReactOS and it ALSO failed with an equally epic list of complaints during the installation. WTF!? Well OK I was half expecting ReactOS to have some kind of problem so I wasn’t really surprised by that last failure. I had tried out a LiveCD of it over 9000 years ago and even that had some problem with my computers hardware. But I would have thought I would have gotten farther into the installation process or have alternatively failed earlier. Whatever I don’t feel like getting into the details of it.

So anyways I’m back to using a legitimate and non micro Windows XP.