Dance Clone v0.3 – Wii

I got around to doing some more on Dance Clone.

You can import sm (StepMania) format step files now. Its incomplete and wont fully (or perhaps even at all) work with some files but should work with the majority of sm files. I was using “Burning Me Up” (its part of one of the contest winning song packs at though I don’t remember which one) for testing and it works perfectly with it.

There are now five difficulty modes just like with most DDR style games.

There are a bunch of changes and additions in terms of menus. There is a title screen now along with a credits screen and now you can select to create new replacement step files for songs that already have one (rather then needing to exit the game and manually delete the file).

There is a home menu (the menu that comes up when you hit the home button) now and along with being able to exit the game and do stuff like that from the home menu you can also take screen shots with it (png or bmp format).

There are some other little changes also.

Download Links for Wii version

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  1. Hi it’s about a bug with the SM Import Step File

    When i select the Step File i want to import the Homebrew Crash and i mst Reload Homebrew Channel

    1. Damnnit… I thought I had gotten that working.

      Is it just randomly sometimes crashing when you try to import a file or play a song (that’s what was happening for me)? Or is it consistently crashing every time you try to import a specific file?

      Thanks for letting me know.

  2. ok i am a big ddr fanatic! and i did dabble with stepmania and i saw this i was like zomigosh! this person rules! I got it but im kinda of a noob you didnt leave any instructions on where to put the sm files…and does this only work with sd cards cause i use a hd for my homebrew and i loaded your awesome but it just stayed a black screen for me T.T Anyways keep up your awesome work you got a big fan right here!!! 😀

  3. hey i downloaded it another one and that one came with instructions so yeah sd only huh T.T any way possible to make it read of a hd? pleeease? 🙂

    1. I don’t have an external USB hard drive yet so I cant test whether things do or don’t work with one. I was kinda hoping that it might already be working fine with one. I’ll look into trying to get that working though. Sorry its crashing for you.

      Oh and in case anyone else is wondering the SM files that you want to import should go in the same folder as the music (SD://apps/DanceClone/Music). Sorry I didn’t really document things very well or provide much of an explanation.

  4. Well i got an sd card it boots just fine in that 😀 i got some random sm pack and it doesnt show on the screen when i click import step chart..any ways just wanted to know a link to the sm packs you have downloaded that work so i can use them 😀 Thanks again for this sweet brew 😀

    1. I’m glad your liking it so far 🙂

      The only song I’ve tested is Burning Me Up. Its part of StepMix 1 winners pack 1.

      Songs that change speeds mid song (eighth notes and things like that are totally fine but I mean songs that have multiple different BPMs) or have mid song stops (not just beats that pass without steps but parts where it actually stops) will have problems but otherwise any song should work. Any steps other then regular tap note (so hold notes or mines anything like that) will be ignored but that at least shouldn’t throw the the other steps out of sync.

      Dance Clone cant actually import anything from a pack well its still in a pack though. If you download a SMZIP file then your going to need to extract the music for each individual song you want along with the actual step files (SM file) for them. I’m like 99% sure that StepMania comes with some extractor/installer that will get the songs out of the packs for you but Winrar also works perfectly fine for extracting things from SMZIP files.

      Its also worth pointing out that most StepMania songs are in ogg format. At the moment dance clone only supports mp3 audio files so those will need to be converted using a computer first.

      I know its all a major hassle. Improvements are going to be made.

  5. oh one last thing hehe so when we use the sm file we just get the arrows right? so would i have to convert the ogg(the song) file to mp3 and rename it to match the step file name? so it plays together like your dance now mp3/dc file?

    1. You can name the mp3 and sm files anything you want. When you select that mp3 in game and then select to import a sm file it will list all of the sm files that are in the music folder and you can scroll threw the the list until you find the one you want. Once you choose the sm file you want to import it will create a dc file based on it but will automatically give that dc file the appropriate name to associate it with the mp3 file (whatever the song’s filename is with dc added to the end so blurg.mp3 for example would get blurg.mp3.dc) regardless of what the sm file you imported was named.

      1. Oh and just so you know you cant use sub folders yet.

        So if you put all of your mp3, dc and sm files in


        then they will automatically show up on the appropriate lists but if you put something in


        for example then the game will ignore it.

  6. OMG!!! it worked i did what i said in the post above i couldnt wait ^^’ i used freerip to turn ogg to mp3 and i converted it so now i got the song and the step pattern wow im so happy right now 😀 ok now i got a second request besied the hd thing can you add the actuall ddr arrow or are those a no no? and a diffrent background like an animated gif or something i dunno really know how you do what you do just some request 😀 ok again thank you! ill be downloading song packs now SEE YA! 🙂

    1. Nice! I’m glad to hear its working 😀 I didn’t do a ton of testing so I was paranoid that it wouldn’t and its been crashing randomly at times when importing songs and somewhat less frequently also when starting songs. So its good to hear good news about it working.

      What do you mean by the actual ddr arrow? Like just make the images of the arrows look like the arrows in the official DDR games? Its not something I would really want to include with the game (I don’t care about the copyright crap but I just for whatever weird reason don’t really want to start including media that I didn’t have some part in making or didn’t have permission from its original author to use). But I could add a menu for people to load their own custom skins/sprites for use in the game. Even now if you really want to change the look of the game you could always just edit the images that the game uses (they’re in the media folder). As long as you don’t change their file names or resolutions they will work perfectly even after being edited.

      As for animated backgrounds I’m not totally sure if I would be able to get actual animated gifs working (that isn’t a no I’m just not sure) and even if I could get actual videos to play it would probably kill the frame rate. At the least I could definitely get animated backgrounds working using a series of non animated image files or better yet even with a series of images stitched together into a single large seemingly non animated image file. It might be a problem if there are too many frames of animation but would probably be fine.

      Neither of those are really something I would consider a priority. For the next update I think I’m probably mostly going to focus on getting bugs worked out, improving the importer and hopefully adding ogg audio and hard drive support. But their totally features that seem possible for the future and aren’t really things that would require a too much work.

  7. Hi again wow thanks for the edit tips it didn’t even cross my mind so far i changed the colors of the saying boo to red good to green and perfect to yellow since thats what im used to :)i changed the background as well to just black with a small skull pic i found on google that is on the right side of the screen so now it looks sweet and it makes pink arrows look like pink neon arrows with the black background 😀 Hardrive support would help tons i only got a gig memory stick and its almost full of songs. Its ok about the background now since i get to choose what i have to keep looking at. The frame rate is important. 🙂 An update cool im looking forward to it!!

  8. got my first song crash today. Its just one song too well it was the sm file not the song but yeah…its from an anime pack i got…just letting ya know

    1. Was it just one of those random crashes or is it consistently crashing any time you try to use that SM file? If its the file that is causing the crash could you post a link to it? Anyways thanks for letting me know.

      Oh and what file system is your external hard drive formatted with (fat16 fat32 ntfs etc)? What other homebrew programs do and don’t work with it?

  9. Constantly crashing its sad its most of the songs from the anime pack i got here its was really cool too because the songs werent ogg just mp3 so i didnt have to convert. My hard-drive is Western Digital 320 GB Passport 2.5″ USB 2.0 Hard Drive i havent done the partition thing with it cause i use it for music and anime and homebrew. Well i hope you can figure out whats wrong its lame i get really exited to play a song and then…CRASH

    1. Ok. I’m downloading the pack now and I’ll test the songs out soon.

      Just a warning about Dance Clone: In the next update I think I’m probably going to be able to add OGG support but if I do it will probably come at the mp3 support which means that your going to end up needing to convert all of your files back again and then rename all of their DC files to match the new ogg filenames. So you probably shouldn’t spend too much time building up an archive of Dance Clone songs just yet. I know it sucks. I might be able to bring back mp3 later but at the moment its a one or the other thing and long term I think OGG is more important then mp3 especially since its the standard for Step Mania.

      Even if you haven’t split it up into multiple partitions or reformatted it yourself all storage devices have some kind of specific file system. If you have a Windows PC then you should be able to check its file system by just plugging it in, going to my computer, right clicking on the external hard drive and selecting properties. I think FAT32 is kinda the standard preset for external USB hard drives… It might not have anything to do with the problem but I was just curious.

      You’ve said that you use your hard drive for homebrew. So what Wii homebrew games/programs do you use it with? Have you ever had a problem with any other homebrew not working from it before? Do WiiXplorer and/or MPlayer CE for example work or fail? Having a list of what homebrew does work and what homebrew doesn’t work would help a lot with figuring out what the problem is.

  10. The apps folder for the brew is just on the root of the hardrive as for what brew i have: wii64, snes9,gbaemu,wiixball,mplayer,wiimc,syobonaction,wiistrobe,redsquare,majohng, and plasmaraketii…the only ones that have ever crashed on me was wiimc and mplayer but thats because i
    tried to play hd videos that i didnt know were hd and mkv files as well…

    ogg file alright cool i stopped downloading songs because the ones i kept getting crashed on me so ill just wait for update 😀

  11. I’ve been testing it and I gotta say it’s so awesome except for the random codedumps, of course still needs better stepmania files support. By the way, I was wondering. Are you gonna change the graphics? is it possible to leave the original theme as an option for people like me who have it difficult to see? This is the only dance game where I can see the arrows without any problems mainly because you actually make them stay in one color and not go crazy-harmony-rainbow.

    1. I’m probably going to be able to get back to working on Dance Clone in a few day days and along with other things I’ll be improving step mania file support a bit and hopefully working out a few of the bugs 🙂

      I’m glad to hear that you approve of the current graphics. I wasn’t really planning to change them but I know some people probably aren’t crazy about the look of the game so I was wondering if I should.

  12. Works great, any chance of classic controller support? I have a converter to convert a ps2 controller (dance pad) to wii but it recognizes as a classic controller. It would be great to make use of the old PS2 dance pad with this.

    Here’s the adapter if anyone is curious what I’m talking about. Works great with ps2 controllers and guitars at least.

    1. That is so cool. I assumed there where PS2 to GameCube controller converters but I didn’t think you could get one to plug directly into a wiimote.

      Adding support for a classic controller will be really easy to do. I’ll add it in with the next update to the game.

  13. I’ve been looking for something like Dance Clone forever! Great job and thanks for creating it 😀

    Any chance you’ve thought about a PC program for converting .sm to .dc before adding the file to your SD card? Might improve the crashing if the conversion is done beforehand 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

      I actually just started working on Dance Clone again a few days ago (something that I’ve been putting off doing for way to long) and I figured I would post a copy of the game for PC with the next update. It will sadly be just as likely to crash as it is on Wii but at least it will provide an alternative for where and when you want to deal with the program crashing.

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