Avoidance – Wii

Here is a Wii remake/port of that simple browser game I made last month. Just use the wiimote D-pad to move around the screen and avoid coming in contact with the red blocks. They longer you avoid them then the higher your score. Anytime you fail your score is checked against your personal high score and if you’ve set a new record then its automatically saved.

It uses the same home menu I made for Dance Clone but now when you bring up the home menu it blurs the background. That was something I intended to do for Dance Clone as I don’t feel its as immediately clear as it should be what text and things are part of the paused game and whats part of the menu (having the same font and buttons for both didn’t exactly help with that) but it was going to slow at the time so I cut out the blur before posting Dance Clone. There is still a bit of a delay now when you bring up the home menu but its not too bad and its still a work in progress that I think I can improve.

Download Links for Wii version