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I still haven’t been able to get it to work with mp3 (I have no idea what I’m doing wrong) but I did get SDL_Mixer working on Wii. For anyone having the same problem with smpeg I just removed -DMP3_MUSIC from SDL_mixer’s make file, remade it, reinstalled, which allowed me to then remove -lsmpeg from my games makefile without SDL_Mixer complaining about its absence when I went to compile the game. So I decided to port Super Pixel Jumper from GP2X to Wii which I was putting off doing because I wouldn’t be able to get all of the audio playing at the same time using just libogc’s MP3Player.

So anyways its a fast paced score based platformer with constant forward motion. As long as you avoid contact with the brighter colored blocks your score will continue to increase as will the speed of the game. Your high score is automatically saved. Use the Wiimote D-pad to move and the 2 button to jump (hold it to jump further).

It really is pretty much a direct port just running at 640×480 rather then 320×240 and slowed down (how much things move per frame) a bit to compensate for the higher frame rate.

As with the GP2X version the background music (fight for your life loop) was made by Xythe and the sound effects (alienyell, lasergun and ufo landing) were made by mlestn1. All of which was taken from

Download Links for Wii version

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